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Intelligent and Active Telecare

Questions / Réponses

  • What kind of internet connection does my SALVEO system require?
    SALVEO can work with any internet connection. Whether you have ADSL or modem based connection installed at home, the SALVEO system can communicate with its server to send data in realtime for analysis and alert generation.
  • Does my SALVEO system respect my privacy?
    SALVEO does not use any video camera or voice recording. Data gathered by the different sensors are only used for Analysis and alert generation.
  • Can my SALVEO system work if I have a pet at home?
    SALVEO is setup to not detect pets activity. Having a pet at home does not affect the functionning of SALVEO.
  • Does my SALVEO system require any specific wiring?
    No, the sensors are wireless and communicate witht the base through a radio connection. The base is connected directly to the phone plug.
  • How does my SALVEO system alert family members?
    Family members and carers are contacted by the saLVEO server in case of an abnormal situation or accident detected. The server can send alerts via SMS, email, or even call the contact directly. Family members and carers can have access to the Senior's SALVEO web page to check alerts and for detailed reports and analysis.
  • Is my SALVEO system compliant with bracelet telecare systems?
    SALVEO is compliant with bracelet telecare systems. PERVAYA can also provide classical telecare solutions integrated in its SALVEO system.
  • What happens in case of electricity failure?
    In case of electricity failure, the base disposes of a backup battery, rechargeable, that can last for up to 15 hours.
  • Can my SALVEO system alert family members in case of fire or gas leak?
    As an option, PERVAYA can provide you with smoke or gas detectors, integrated to the SALVEO system, to ensures a safer environment for the old person.
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